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No One IS " Typical " At Turtle Pond Music

Charlene Anderson

In order to be successful you have to have a combination of talent, personality, enthusiasm and what we call " un-defeatability ". In other words, you are going to make it and you know you  are. That means that you can not be just a " typical " performer. The world is full of them. Charlene Anderson is far from typical of today's performer. Charlene does not copy anyone. This remarkable performer has developed her own style of song delivery and of performing. Knowing the importance of education, Charlene is a college graduate. Realizing that the more you can learn the better you will be in your chosen art, Charlene has applied herself to learn studio procedures, engineering, production and has written five songs on her upcoming album. One you can get an advance copy of , signed by her. Charlene was recently made an Associate with Turtle Pond Music.  No, Charlene is not typical in every day terms, but she is typical  of what we do here at Turtle Pond Music. Also, she just keeps getting better. On August 30, 2003 Charlene was a headliner at the Bay County Florida Jazz & Blues Festival where she open for R&B legend Clarence Carter.

" In the time I have been in professional music it is seldom I have seen so much of what it takes to be brilliant in this business all in just one person, and this lady has it all......."
                         Col. Walt Johnson responded when asked about Charlene


Dreams Are Reality Waiting For You To Make Them Happen
Charlene is making hers happen, Isn't it time you made yours ?

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