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Who We Are

It Is Important to Do Business With People Who Know How To Do Business and Who With.

Our credentials include, But Are Not Limited To

B.M.I. Affiliate Licensed


Recognized Independent Label

Head Engineer Trained by Audio Institute of America under the direction of Peter Miller, Lead Engineer for the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others

Member Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame


Serves as a Project Consultant to

The Nashville Country Music Festival.

(Hosted by Ambassador Charlie Ray).

International Country Music Assn.

American Karaoke Assn.

Numerous Independent labels,

Artists & Publishers.

Over 30 years experience in all areas of Professional Music

We maintain Personal and Professional Relations with Numerous Industry Leaders

History of Charted Records

No one can promise to make you a success in anything, there are too many unexpected variables, If they do then they are not being truthful with you. Your career success is important to us as with it, ours increases, so we have a stake in working hard to help you make it and we will.

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Dreams Are Reality Waiting For You To Make Them Happen