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Making The Show

You Never Know Where You Might Find Someone From Turtle Pond

A History of making the Show
Earl Phelps & band, East St. Louis circa 1964

Bonifay , Florida circa 1990
Wendy Johnson Opening For George Jones & Conway Twitty

Florida Veterans Benefit Jam
Earl Phelps, Col. Walt Johnson & Tommy Ferrell

Col. Walt Johnson
North Florida Music Festival

Maple Valley Washington State
Russ McRee In Concert

North Florida Jazz & Blues Festival
Charlene Anderson, Col. Walt & Vertical Smiles Band, Headliners

The Show Goes On

For a number of years Walt and his good friend Wallace Hobbs performed together as " The Story Tellers ". Playing fetsivals and concerts by themselves and sometimes with other musicians. From time to time Wallace would be called back to Muscle Shoals for studio sessions, but he never missed a show.
Walt and Wallace also were honored to work with the great guitarist Aaron Batson and performed with him at shows through out North Florida, lower Alabama and Georgia from 1988 until 1993. Walt performed one last time in Decemeber 2003 for a benefit in Malone, Florida.
In 1997 Walt & Wallace were booked to headline a benefit concert for disabled students at Gulf Coast College. Wallace took very sick and later passed way. But Wallace would not allow the performance to be canceled and so Walt and Wallace's Son Jerome did the show. 
 " I have never done this for money nor fame, I play because it is not what I do , it is what I am, and when you feel that way, you are not content to take stage with anyone who feels different, they have to be doing it for the right reasons, Wallace and Aaron  did." 
                                         Col. Walt 

Dreams Are Reality Waiting For You To Make Them Happen

Marianna, Florida 2001
B&H Blues band with Special Guest Charlene Anderson & Col. Walt Johnson

The View From The Stage
This is what every performer wants to see, 22,000 of thier best freinds, the fans

There is nothing more thrilling then stepping onto a stage and see people waiting to see ( and hear ) you. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time you started toward that stage ?